Electronic Music (Edit)

note: The music is mostly presented here both in their original file format (blue icon), to be read with an emulator, and exported version ogg vorbis format (black icon) to read in your browser.

Every type of music is on its own page. If you prefer to get them all on the same page, it's there.

1-bit (Edit)

The lowest audio resolution. The rawest sounds.

Beeper & ZX spectrum (Edit)

8-bit (Edit)

Dedicated soundchips for real electronic-generated musics, when 8-bit sounds became the norm.

MOS Sid and C64 (Edit)

The Commodore 64 (C64 or C=64) came on the market during august 1982.

  • Musics for C64

Nintendo NES (Edit)

Sega (Edit)

NEC PC-Engine (Edit)

> 8-bit (Edit)

Advanced soundchips or sampled music.

Various musics (Edit)

Musics made for modern computers.