Tracker : Mod, Xm, It etc (Edit)

First on Amiga OS, because it could use sampled sounds.

Original compositions (Edit)

Playing tools (Edit)

Composing tools (Edit)

Notable musics (Edit)

Divers (Edit)

Converting from modplug tracker to midi (Edit)

  • load the module into modplug tracker (as a linux user, I'm enjoying schism as a regular tracker, and I'm using modplug tracker for the midi export)
  • set 120 bpm, 6 ticks per row
  • export to midi
  • eventually load the midi track into rosegarden (or any other sequencer) and export it again
  • use midi2abc to convert the midi track into abc notation :
  • tidy the abc with a text editor (adding repeats, keys and such)
  • export to postscript/pdf with abcm2ps and eventually export again to a clean general midi track with abc2midi