One Myth

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Louder than Death Metal, rawer than Black Metal, darker than Chiptune, here is the "One Myth" album, composed entirely for Sinclair ZX Spectrum beeper.

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Tracklist (Edit)

1) RĂªveries et Souvenirs		03:44
2) Infravisions				02:32
3) Die verlassenen Kraft		02:42
4) Rotor						02:16
5) Incantation				03:14
6) Vapeurs d'alcool			02:10
7) Idunns hevn				05:27
8) Quelques vieux souvenirs	04:32
    Tourbillons (bonus)			03:10 

Reviews (Edit)

  • Dark and unsentimental, despite the bright, nostalgic tones of the ZX Spectrum. Garvalf propels the album forward using complex sequenced percussion and nervous melodies that build colorful bitmap hallways and chambers with backgrounds as black as the void. -- (src)
  • Got your ZX Spectrum turned on and your volume turned up? Good! Because Garvalf of the World of Spectrum forums has now announced the release of his ZX Spectrum musical bleeper album called ' One Myth'. Composed and recorded entirely for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Bleeper ( 1-bit musics ), One Myth is a journey of original speccy music with metal tones and as he puts it, melancholic inspirations. This album is available as a name your price and includes high-quality MP3, FLAC and more for your PC, but If you wish to listen to this on a real ZX Spectrum, just download the album and rename the included file to .Zip then unpack. -- (src)
  • Horray! garvalf has released his debut ZX Spectrum 1-bit album. With it's dark and hypnotic tunes, it's the perfect antidote for all the summer sunshine happiness. Also, finally someone is using my beeper engines :D -- (src)
  • Heavily recommended. His following release from 2017, The Hollow Earth, is less lo-fi. -- (src)