Dungeon Synth

This type of music, which dates from the 1990s, is at the crossroads of "Black Metal" and "Dark Ambient". It is metal without guitars, and generally without acoustic instruments, hence the term "Synth" to make this point clear. The dungeon refers to the medieval past, but more generally to all that relates to the "heroic fantasy" universes. Indeed, a large part is made to the imaginary, to the projection that one can make in relation to fictions such as those developed by JRR Tolkien or Michael Moorcock, but some musicians prefer to create completely original themes, without known references.

On the other hand, some other musical inspirations, contrary to the pure and hard "dark ambient", also comes from old video games, with the harshness of the sound processors of yesteryear.

All this makes for a genre in its own right, with its own codes, but also a real creative freedom. In spite of this, one will hardly find "jazzy touches", or references to the modern world, the idea being to get as far away from it as possible, in a regressive process where one finds an adolescent nostalgia, an escape from everyday problems and a will to dream that may exist elsewhere, certainly, but in a very different form (perhaps in the "synthwave", the retrofuturist counterpart of the "dungeon synth"...).