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I've started a few articles about FM music, and how to generate some with MML tools such as PMD 98.

New tune with Adlib Tracker II:

I've also made a tune with PMD 98. It was designed with Famitracker, exported to midi with ftm2mid (a lua script), the midi was then converted to mml with 3ML editor (read the article about this). Some instruments were designed with Deflemask, because the 2151 chip bears some similarities with OPN chips.

This section, originally called OPL, should be renamed soon (PMD 98 outputs to OPN, for YM2203 (OPN) and YM2608 (OPNA) chips, which can be found on Japanese NEC PC-98 or PC-88 computers), maybe to something such as "FM", but it would break my 3-letters code. On the other hand, Megadrive/Genesis music is sometimes FM too. But it can me also without the 2612 chip as well. I've also composed a new tune for Sega Master System, which I rendered on my Megadrive.

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